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Through my art, I am experiencing a metamorphosis in challenging myself through the creation of larger works, experimentation with media and pushing the boundaries of what I can create. This takes pushing myself to take risks as a part of my art making process. In this phase of my life, my practice in the studio allows me the freedom to leave a bit of my past self behind which was a nurturer as a mother.   Now with children grown and on their own, I can nurture my newer self as a full-time artist. 
The transition has been difficult but intuitive in that the work flows out naturally but is also a struggle.  This is a part of my internal narrative which is constant fluctuation as I redefine myself. Being an artist and a mother is not a rigid identity, but rather is an intricate intersection of both.
These juxtapositions are a perpetual element in my work. I explore the balance between objectivity and subjectivity, control and chaos, realism and abstraction, individualism and archetypes. Inspired by the abstract expressionists, I translate a particular state of emotion on canvas through subconscious creation. 


image 04_rgb.jpg

My intention is for these large-scale paintings to fill one’s vision and imagination with peripherals, momentarily removing the viewer from the physical world as they enter a state driven by color and emotions.
My approach to art is an approach to life - full of transitions, contradictions, experiments, disruptions, and conversations to encourage scrutiny of one’s environment, cultural standards of beauty, and natural creativity.
I am inspired by Jenny Saville who said, “I do hope I play out the contradictions that I feel, all the anxieties and dilemmas. If they're there in the work, then that's brilliant."
In considering what this means for me, it is about balancing the contradictions in art as influenced by life. My hope is that the viewer will experience my inner passion and relate to the work on a personal level. 



“Kristy Lee is primarily known for her abstract mixed-media paintings that include collage elements and her ability to strike a canvas with extraordinary color and undertones makes for a beautiful celebration of color, figurative elements that shine with her ever-changing mind! She is a true contemporary painter! A twenty-first-century painter! A fresh departure from the traditional painters!  Kristy Lee paints in what we call the now factor. She is unbreakable and driven, intense as she must put color on a blank canvas when the urge strikes her. Her ability to change is what is so fashionable about this painter. She is a purist in the sense of wanting to change, create and strive for the most extraordinary moment on a canvas. A modernist! Kristy Lee has mastered all movements and one thing is clear - her brush stroke is significant and easy to pick out in this busy world of art…that is what makes a great painter! “

Paul T Scarborough / Artist

"We had been waiting for months for the perfect artwork to feature on the walls of our newly renovated home. We recently visited a gallery displaying Kristy Lee's work and were instantly fascinated. Our new pieces look fabulous and fill our home with just the perfect balance of elegance and drama."

Otto and Sylvana Solis

"I can't begin to describe how much fun working with Kristy Lee has been for my husband and I. Kristy Lee is such a talented artist and she understands the person she is working with in relation to her art. I really needed and wanted a big canvas for a large wall in my foyer. Kristy Lee listened to my needs but also my philosophy on life. She recommended a fabulous piece, and it has become a favorite in our home. Every person entering our home wants to discuss the meaning and the feelings evoked by this gorgeous piece of art. My father was a wildlife artist, and I loved his art and his unique perspective. I believe that makes me even harder to please. There are not enough worlds to describe Kristy Lee. She is extremely talented as an artist and a beautiful person. We feel so lucky to have found her."

Chocky B. / Founder / Owner Premier Realty Partners

"My husband and I recently purchased a piece of art from Kristy Lee while decorating our new home. Kristy Lee was lovely to work with and the piece is stunning. We placed the piece directly in my foyer I am thrilled to share with my company as soon as they enter my home. I would highly recommend working with Kristy Lee for both her work and her professionalism, she is one of a kind!"

Michelle & Carmine D.

“Not very often do I get to meet and work with artists who possess clear intentions, unwavering dedication, patience, perseverance and the hunger to understand their craft.  Kristy Lee is one of these influencers.  Some people are born with brilliant gifts at their disposal that they either utilize or totally disregard.  Others, like Kristy Lee, are intuitively aware that they have a message that they need to share with the world.  

The great joy in their lives occurs when they find their form of expression.  And in my friend Kristy Lee’s case, painting and sculpture are the manners in which her thoughts and feelings are introduced to us.”  

Boris Douglas Garbe / Gallery Curator

"I just want to say thank you! We have purchased 2 of your most beautiful paintings this year. We just love them and are looking forward to hanging them in our New York home. Thank you for your talent. Thank you for your professionalism"

Lisa & Michael H.

"Kristy Lee's art speaks to me in a way no other art has with her vivid colors and imaginative play with texture. Her construct of shape and form on the canvas reach out to draw you in. And those eyes of the woman she paints tells strong stories of a life well lived. Just watch how they follow you around the room! I hung her art in a place of honor in my home, as it is well deserved!"

Dr. Diana Allen / CEO, SSI Group

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