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What People Say

Paul T Scarborough


“Kristy Green is primarily known for her abstract mixed-media paintings that include collage elements and her ability to strike a canvas with extraordinary color and undertones makes for a beautiful celebration of color, figurative elements that shine with her ever-changing mind! She is a true contemporary painter! A twenty-first-century painter! A fresh departure from the traditional painter’s!  Kirsty Green paints in what we call the now factor she is unbreakable and driven, intense as she must put color on a blank canvas when the urge strikes her. Her ability to change is what is so fashionable about this painter. She is purist in the sense of wanting to change and to create and strive for the most extraordinary moment on a canvas. A modernist! Kirsty has mastered all movements and one thing is clear - her brush stroke is significant and easy to pick out in this busy world of art…that is what makes a great painter! “

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